Art is using the shards
to create beauty
to place on display
and inquire,
Could you love this if it was me?
Could I love this if it wasn’t?

I wrote this poem weeks ago and tried to force it into several projects before realizing it’s strongest on its own.

It was inspired by the back story to my favorite piece of music, Nimrod from Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations.

Elgar was overwhelmingly depressed and wanted to quit composing altogether.
A friend came to him and reminded him that though Beethoven had abundant worries the music he wrote only increased in beauty “and that is what YOU must do.”

Inspired by the second movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8 Pathétique, Elgar succeeded in creating one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. If an astonishing vista at sunset called for a score, Nimrod would be it.

Turn your worries into beauty and perhaps one day you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.


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