Lotte and the Abundance of Oranges

I believe this assignment was to compose an addition to Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (The Sorrows of Young Werther) from an alternate perspective. I recall trying to make it sound as though it had been translated from German. That's why Lotte refers to her "evening bread" (abendbrot). Ich denke es ist nicht zu schlecht. Enschldigung bitte. … Continue reading Lotte and the Abundance of Oranges


A found poem, based in Kafka's The Worry of the Father of the Family (as translated by Stanley Corngold). Neither pertains Enables Functional shape Merely broken Meaningless Its own way complete Treat him Like a child Laughter Without lungs Almost painful


Inspired by a quote from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft: "Taught from their infancy that beauty is woman's sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison." Meant as salvation Turned sanctuary There was no escape Only survival No freedom … Continue reading Gilded